STSA Presentations across the globe and at home

STSA members have been busy in July touring the globe presenting research findings.  Cade Karrenberg, Brent Vizanko, and former STSA member Dr. Morgan DiCarlo shared their research studies at WDSA/CMMI 2022 in Valencia, Spain. Morgan presented findings from a survey of U.S. utilities. Cade Karrenberg and Brent Vizanko presented research in water distribution cybersecurity and modeling the effects of COVID-19 on water utilities.  Cade and Brent also did a fantastic job representing the NC State team at the Battle of the Intermittent Water Supply.


Closer to home, undergraduate researcher Elias Zauscher presented his work on modeling hybrid water systems at the NC State Undergraduate Student Symposium.  Scholars of all ages enjoyed his research!