Drought, Migration, and Civil Unrest in Syria. Elizabeth Ramsey talks about her PhD research to explore connections between climate and political instability in the region of Al-Hasakah in Syria.


Blockchain and Neighborhood Markets for Energy. Jacob Monroe’s dissertation research is developing simulation frameworks to explore how consumers might adopt solar PV, how neighborhoods will buy and sell energy in a peer-to-peer market, and how smart grid technologies will affect the price of electricity.

What’s the Best Use of Big Data for Water Infrastructure? Jorge Pesantez’s research is exploring how we can make the use of water consumption data that is transmitted from household smart meters to forecast demands.


Helping to Protect Disadvantaged Populations From Lead in Tap Water. Mohammad Ali Kahksar Fasaee is researching new models that can predict the risk of lead in tap water.


Forecasting Tipping Points in Socioecological Systems: Water Supply. Michael Skarbek is developing new methods to detect transitions to instability for water supply systems.


Smart Technologies and Water Resources. Morgan DiCarlo discusses how her research will create new insights about how smart technology is influencing the performance of our infrastructure.

Neighborhoods or Networks? Simulating the Dynamics of Water Reuse Adoption and Impacts on Infrastructure Management. Dr. Berglund presented research on water reclamation modeling at the NCSU Center for Geospatial Analysis (CGA) and had the chance to interact with fellow scholars.  She recently joined CGA as a faculty fellow and is looking forward to contribute to the CGA’s new PhD program.